Doro Neobio 20 plus Two Cordless Dect White Telephone (Copy)

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Doro Neobio 20 plus Two Cordless Dect Black Telephone backlit display and keypad caller ID speakerphone
Doro – a leading Swedish consumer electronics company has today announced the launch of its NeoBio™ range of cordless DECT home phones. The essence of which can be summed up in two simple words – ‘organic design’. The name – NeoBio™ – originates from an industrial design trend referred to as ‘Neo Naturalism’ which focuses on harnessing the energies of nature to create new and dramatic designs.
Doro’s design team has combined natural organic shapes with the crisp, contemporary principles of Swedish design – to develop a range of stylish, comfortable and accessible handsets. Each handset comes with two decorative ‘skins’ – which can easily change the appearance and style of the phone. This allows the user to personalise their phone and coordinate it with their interior colour scheme.
The NeoBio™ range is available in a number of options to ensure there’s a stylish phone that suits every home. Additional extension handsets can be bought and added to a base unit separately.
Additional Specifications
Adjustable handset and speaker volume, 5 ring tones, ringer off, headset outlet, VIP function, 300m outdoor/50m indoor range, redial last 5 numbers, 20 position phonebook, backlit display and keypad, menu navigation, key lock, mute function, paging, pre-dialling, call timer, wall mountable with accessory.

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