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Analogue Speakerphones

Analogue Speakerphones

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  • Konftel 300Wx Analog Conference phone with analog DECT base

    $1,375.00 ex GST

    Meeting size: up to 20 people
    Wireless DECT
    Base station: IP, analog or GAP
    Battery with 60 hours of call time
    Hybrid: combine meeting app and phone calls
    Expandable with additional microphones

    The wireless conference phone Konftel 300Wx allows you to hold meetings wherever is convenient for you – without worrying about network and power outlets. The wireless DECT technology is both reliable and secure. Choose a base station to suit your company’s telephony environment, SIP or analog, or connect to an installed DECT system.

    The rechargeable battery ensures more than 60 call hours, so you can talk for a full work week without recharging!

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  • Konftel 300 Analogue Conference phone

    $1,050.00 ex GST

    Connectable to expansion microphones and PA systems

    – USB for PC-based collaboration
    – Combine different connections
    – Meeting size: more than 20 people
    – OmniSound®
    – Recording on memory card

    The Konftel 300 is an incredibly flexible and powerful conference phone. It supports user scenarios from traditional telephony to PC-based collaboration for everything from personal meetings to large auditoriums. It’s also packed with smart features.

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  • Konftel 250 Conference

    $955.00 ex GST

    Meeting size: Up to 20 people
    OmniSound® with HD audio
    Expandable with additional microphones
    Recording on memory card
    Guide for multi-party calls
    Two-year warranty

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