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Speakerphone Accessories

Speakerphone Accessories

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  • UC-HRS-458-SPK

    $1,450.00 ex GST

    External Large Sizespeaker

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  • Expand 80 Expansion Microphone

    $330.00 ex GST

    Key benefits & features
    Larger meetings UC optimized and
    Microsoft Teams certified*
    For larger meetings attach up to two expansion
    microphones for a UC optimized and Microsoft
    Teams certified* experience
    Ensure everyone is heard clearly
    Each EXPAND 80 Mic contains four beamforming
    microphones, so every in-room participant is always
    close to a microphone
    Smart cable management for professional, stylish
    Customize cable length to your meeting room with
    smart cable management for an optimal system setup
    Plug and play conferencing
    Simply plug into the EXPAND 80 and start your
    meeting. Once connected the entire set-up acts
    as one system
    Statement Scandinavian design
    With sleek, minimalist aesthetic and high-quality
    materials that match EXPAND 80

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  • SP Link Adaptor

    $90.00 ex GST

    With the SP Link Adapter, dual speakerphones can be connected and positioned up to 2.1 meters apart. Connected by the coiled cable using mini jacks, the SP 220 UC and SP 220 MS bring all participants closer to the conversation.

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  • Expansion microphones

    $555.00 ex GST

    Expansion microphones
    1 pair. Increase the voice pickup range from 30 up to 70 m2 (300 to 750 sq ft). Two lengths of cable supplied, 1.5 and 2.5 meters (4.9 and 8.2 ft.)

    Color: Licorice black.

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  • ClearOne CHAT 50 USB/mini USB Cable (3 Black)

    $55.00 ex GST

    ClearOne CHAT 50 USB/mini USB Cable (3 Black)
    Manufacturer: ClearOne Communications
    Product Name: USB Cable
    Product Type: Data Transfer Cable
    Cable Type: USB
    Fiber Optic Mode: Not Applicable
    Cable Length: 3ft
    Connector on First End: 1 x Mini Type B USB

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