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Wireless Speakerphones

Wireless Speakerphones

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  • ClearOne ChatAttach 170

    $1,950.00 ex GST

    Group USB speakerphone – fully compatible with Skype® for Business for high-quality audio calls on PCs or laptops

    Key Highlights

    First-mic priority intelligently activates only the microphone closest to the person speaking, preventing the amplification of ambient noise and room reflections. Adaptive modeling continuously samples room acoustics for any changes

    Distributed Echo Cancellation® & noise cancellation along with full-duplex performance & automatic level controls guarantee your conference calls to be natural with unmatched audio clarity free of any distractions

    Fully-compatible with Skype® for Business and also compatible with popular conferencing applications like WebEx®, GoToMeeting, Collaborate Space, Spontania, Google Hangouts, Skype & more

    Three built-in microphones array with 360-degree audio pick up up to 10 feet. Large loudspeaker for rich, clear conferencing and audio playback

    Unified communications
    Video conferencing
    Web conferencing

    Huddle spaces
    Conference rooms

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  • CHAT 50 USB Plus International Personal Speaker Phone

    $330.00 ex GST

    The Chat 50 overcomes the shortcomings of other products on the market, while providing a superior conferencing experience by incorporating ClearOne’s proprietary audio processing technology to deliver business-class audio performance for personal conferencing at an affordable price for businesses and consumers.
    The Chat 50 uniquely delivers plug and play simplicity with wideband audio, which produces a rich and full sound, rather than the constricted sound often associated with PC, mobile phone and handset devices.

    The Chat 50 can also replace headphones and headsets that can quickly become uncomfortable, restrict movement and tether the user to the device.

    The Chat 50 can be used in a variety of ways, and connects to the following devices:
    Laptops or PCs, for use with:
    Internet telephony applications
    VoIP softphones including Skype
    Web conferencing applications
    Instant messaging with audio chat
    Audio playback with media players
    PC-based gaming
    Telephones, for hands-free, full-duplex conversations
    Mobile phones, for hands-free, full-duplex conversations
    Desktop video conferencing devices, for hands-free, full-duplex conversations
    MP3 players, for full-band audio playback single speaker

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  • Sennheiser SP 30T Teams Speakerphone

    $399.00 ex GST

    Wireless Speakerphone
    Sennheiser SP 30 is a portable wireless speakerphone for personal conferencing or up to 8 people. It is possible to set up a conference call at a moment’s notice in any location or use the device as part of a permanent conference room solution.
    A choice of Bluetooth® or USB-C connectivity gives freedom and flexible connection options. Two long-range, noise and echo cancelling microphones and an ultra-low distortion speaker with clear voice reproduction allow a natural, conversational flow even in challenging environments.

    Instant conferencing. Anywhere.
    With lightweight design, choice of Bluetooth® or USB-C plug’n’play and multi-point connectivity with up to three devices and one touch access to Voice Assistant.

    Exceptional audio performance
    With Sennheiser Voice Clarity, ultra-low distortion speaker and echo and noise-cancelling microphones supported by highly advanced DSP algorithms.

    Natural conversation experience
    With industry-leading duplex performance that allows simultaneous speak.

    Crafted for perfection
    With premium materials, convenient cable winding and safe dongle storage.

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